Keep Everything In One Place

Now all of your data, documents, processing, mailing, updating and invoicing are in one place with access 24 hours a day online.

 Customize every step of workflow, tracking, documents and reporting

Most employee time is spent providing services.  Improving technology increases productivity and reduces operating cost and errors, thereby increasing profits.

 Integrate and Streamline

Built in integration streamlines your foreclosure process.  Integrate with your clients, title companies, posting and publishing companies and more!

Streamline all aspects of processing

Our advanced integration with different types of foreclosure service vendors allows for a streamlined connection throughout the entire process.

We have virtually eliminated the need to:

  • Phone: Online beneficiary check and referral/new order information
  • Fax: Online recording information and conformed copies of documents
  • Copy paper files: Online document storage and referrals
  • Print: Management and tracking reports available online
  • Mail: Electronically transmit notices (addresses and documents) via electronic mailing