Our advanced integration with different types of foreclosure service vendors allows for a streamlined connection throughout the entire foreclosure process.

Service Over Sales

Since 1993 there have been nearly a million foreclosures processed through Foreclosure Solution, Inc. software. We have the epitome of trustee software. Through innovations and customer suggestions, it has become the evolutionary software system that keeps pace with today's technology. We have implemented these suggestions in such a way that each client is satisfied, while we maintain only one program. Our customer service department can customize workflow wizards so that they follow processes to each client's specifications. Our system processes all types of foreclosures secured by many different sources such as liens, timeshares, deed of trusts, and mortgages.

Our philosophy has always been "Service Over Sales." We want to ensure that quality is always maintained at its highest level. We have the "Proven" product. We set a new standard when we introduced the first Windows™-based foreclosure-processing system in the nation. We will never be satisfied with the "Status Quo."

Gain an Advantage

We feel that each new day brings a dozen new technologies that can enhance all of our applications. The Microsoft.Net Framework©, has given us a rich set of tools that assisted us in creating a standardized way for data exchange by creating web services that allow access for trustees and their clients and vendors, eliminating data entry duplication.

In today's business climate, information is essential to gain an advantage. We continue to invest in technologies that allow us to exchange data and images so you don't have to. Why wait for your software vendor to catch up to yesterday's technology? Foreclosure Solution, Inc. combined with eLoanData, Inc. will guide you to tomorrow's technology, today!

Our knowledgeable staff guides our clients to take full advantage of our range of products to receive the most consistent and reliable services available.

We work with our clients to manage the foreclosure process in a manner beneficial to all interested parties.

Foreclosure Solution .Net

Fully customized, powerful system designed to handle many different foreclosure processes in one application.

EMailer Solution

Create mailing packages to be sent electronically. No more printing, stuffing envelopes, or daily trips to the Post Office.

ELoanData, Inc. provides both data and images in one convenient location.

Over 100 Years of Experience
We have a combined professional experience of over 100 years in the foreclosure industry.

Our dedicated staff delivers superior service to our clients!

FSI hires industry professionals 
To address complex trustee issues, Foreclosure Solution, Inc. consistently hires from within the industry to better understand your questions and give you the excellent service you have come to expect. Our employees attend educational seminars on a continual basis in order to keep current with constantly changing laws and industry standards. Knowing what you do makes our software more efficient to handle your work environment.

Web-based ticket tracking
We have improved our customer service by providing our clients with a web-based ticket tracking system. Easily create tickets, monitor status, and search for previous resolutions.   Create a ticket