We hire industry professionals.

To address complex trustee issues, Foreclosure Solution, Inc consistently hires from within the industry to better understand your questions and give you the excellent service you have come to expect. Our employees attend educational seminars on a continual bases in order to keep current with constantly changing laws and industry standards. Knowing what you do makes our software more efficient to handle your work environment.

Web-based issue tracking.

We have recently improved our customer service by providing our clients with a new web-based issue tracking system. An example of an issue might be that a client requires training of a new employee, changing a document or modifying a wizard. A trustee, title company or posting and publishing company can come online and add the issue and then they will be informed as to the progress of their issue. When the issue is completed they will be informed of that as well. They can come online and view the status of all their requests for training and support at any time.

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Over 100 Years Experience

We have a combined professional experience of over 100 years in the foreclosure industry.

Stay Updated

Staying in-line with today's technology and networking you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for notifications of updates and industry changes.