Fully customized, powerful, system designed to handle many different foreclosure processes in one application.

Foreclosure Solution.Net is a streamlined application designed to handle many different types of foreclosure processes, and easily customized to meet your company's needs.  Integration with clients and vendors allows ease of access of information 24 hours a day online. Read More

Create mailing packages to be sent electronically. No more printing, stuffing envelopes, or daily trips to the Post Office.

Our web service has allowed integration with electronic mail vendors allowing you the ease of creating electronic mailing packages directly from your files and automatically receiving back mailing dates and certified numbers. No more printing mailings, stuffing envelopes, applying postage and running to the post office before 5 pm. Read More

eLoanData, Inc. provides both data and images in one convenient location.

Every Foreclosure Solution file comes with a free eLoanData web-based paperless loan file. This paperless file eliminates the need to store your paper file. This reduces the cost of office space for filing cabinets or outside storage fees for boxes. Don't waste staff time with the problem of finding the correct box where the file is supposed to be located. Read More

Emailer Solution, Mailing of the 21st Century

EMailerSolution (EMS) in conjunction with Foreclosure Solution.Net streamlines the mailing process by sending electronic mailing packages via web services to outside mailing vendors.  This application is designed to meet the demands of trustees to process quickly and efficiently. 

 Foreclosure Solution.Net allows the processer to create the electronic package of mailing information and documents that need to be included in each mailing package.  The ability to print directly to a package or choose from any document already attached to the file creates a great deal of versatility and creates an ease of use.  The electronic mailing process has been designed to allow users to pull documents stored electronically, from your paperless file on eLoanData.com, into your mailing packages.  Recorded notices uploaded from your title company are at your fingertips as well as newly generated notices directly from FSNET.  Combine documents from eLoanData.com and FSNET with only a few clicks.

 Upon completion of the package a user can utilize EMS to determine if the packages are completed and accurate.  Once verified all or individual packages can be sent to the chosen vendor.  This provides complete control by the Trustee on completeness and when the packages will be forwarded for processing.  The Trustee has control over the service level per mailing package, including same day or next day, allowing you to keep your foreclosure timeline(s) on track.  There is a flexibility to update costs on a case by case basis for those "special" mailings that are not standard.

 Currently we are integrated with iMail Tracking and Walz Postal Solutions.  Both vendors receive your mailing packages and process them for you.  They handle generating the certified numbers and return the data electronically, along with the mailing date.  The data is imported directly to the file on each mailing, and automatically updates your mailing task, allowing you the reassurance that your mailings have been completed.

* EMS is an application included with the installation of Foreclosure Solution.Net at no additional cost.  EMailerSolution is not a standalone software program.  Foreclosure Solution.Net is required.